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The DirecDoor controller from GE Security is the industry's only 2-reader and 2-door Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP-connected access controller. DirecDoor integrates with GE's Facility Commander WNX, Secure Perfect, and Picture Perfect access control and integrated security management software. It can utilize PoE or can be powered by a local power supply. It can even power the lock hardware in its PoE configuration. Its simple plug-in installation significantly reduces labor costs and allows new doors to be efficiently controlled using on-line access systems.

The DirecDoor controller is located on the secure side of the door, thereby providing a much better IP solution than an IP reader. Unlike a less secure IP reader solution, whose Ethernet port, card database and access to the door strike relay lie outside the protected area, the DirecDoor controller significantly reduces the possibility that security could be compromised.

The M2000 enclosure from GE Security provides the convenience of a fixed reader, input and output configuration for GE’s PXNplus CPU board. A sturdy, all-steel cabinet and key lock secure the components inside. Plus, a tamper-switch-protected door alerts users if the enclosure is forced open. The M2000 includes an internal power supply with battery backup.
Micro 3000 The M3000 includes five slots for microcontroller option boards and an internal power supply with battery backup. That gives users flexibility to configure access control and alarm inputs and outputs. A sturdy, all-steel cabinet and key lock secure the components inside. Plus, a tamper-switch-protected door alerts users if the enclosure is
forced open.
PXN-Plus The PXNplus CPU from GE Security is a user-configurable microcontroller for access control and alarm systems that meets U.S. government security standards HSPD-12 and FIPS 201. It serves as the interface between GE's software and card readers, keypads, alarm inputs and outputs using Ethernet or serial communications. Distributed processing allows the PXNplus CPU to operate independently from the host system computer. That means the microcontroller can respond instantly to door control and alarm inputs. And it leaves the host computer free to perform functions like alarm response, database updates and report generation more quickly.
2RP 2RP and 2SRP (Supervised) Reader Processors are the interface between a GE access control system, a badge reader and the related door control functions. They provide a flexible means of expanding the reader capacity of an M5 or M3000 microcontroller.

The 2SRP provides supervision for the Digital Inputs. The two sets of Supervised Digital Inputs, one door contact and one Request-to-Exit per reader, can easily be configured to work with 1.0K, 6.8K, or 18K Ohm 1/4W, 5 percent end-of-line supervision resistors.

8RP The 8RP is an eight-port reader option board suitable for use with F/2F and supervised F/2F readers.

The 8RP is compatible with all M5 and M3000 microcontrollers and access control system software.

DI-DO The M3000 20 DI (Digital Input), 16 DO (Digital Output) and 16 DOR (Digital Output with Relays) option cards provide a cost effective and convenient interface between the GE access control system and its input and output devices. M5/M3000 options plug into the backplane. Each option has pluggable edge connectors which make field installation and maintenance quick and easy.

M3000 options plug into the backplane. Each option has pluggable edge connectors which make field installation and maintenance quick and easy.

Junction Box The GE Micro/Reader Junction Box (M/RJ box) provides a cost-effective union point for the complete wiring ofmicrocontrollers, readers and door controls. The M/RJ box standardizes and simplifies wiring connections bybringing all reader, microcontroller, door lock and digital input (DI) connections to one point.





T500SW GE Transition™ Series multi-technology access readers now includes a full line of PIV-compliant readers.

Transition Series readers feature simultaneous compatibility with multi-vendor credential technologies—GE and HID® 125 kHz Proximity, HID Corporate 1000® Proximity, 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technologies for MIFARE® Card Serial Number (ISO 14443A), MIFARE/DESFire Card Serial Number, and Vicinity Card Serial Number (ISO 15693), including HID iCLASS® Card Serial Number—all in one reader. With this remarkable technology combination, security administrators can now deploy the Transition readers into existing or new facilities or systems—continuing to serve existing card-carrying users while migrating to the latest in security and smart card technology advancements.

WIU-4 By combining the Wiegand Interface four-state supervisory monitoring/reporting feature with any conventional Proximity, Mifare®,and ISO 15693 readers, security system administrators will receive immediate alarm notification if a short circuit, cut line, or open/close circuit condition occurs between the WIU-4, Request-to-Exit (REX) , and door Data Inputs (DI).

The WIU-4 provides a wiring union and Wiegand-to-Supervised F/2F transfer point for use with GE access control systems. The WIU-4 provides the communications interface that enables support of up to 16 Wiegand output readers per microcontroller.



WNX GE Facility Commander™ Wnx is now UTC Fire & Security. Facility Commander Wnx offers powerful, easy-to-use, IT-friendly, integrated security management under the familiar Microsoft Windows® operating environment. It is a complete end-to-end solution for today's most commonly deployed physical security applications; providing real-time monitoring, command and control, automation, database administration and report management in a single unified system.

Ideally suited for organizations seeking to self-monitor and manage security operations over their IT network infrastructure, Facility Commander Wnx seamlessly integrates access control, photo identification and credentialing, digital video surveillance, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection and visitor management. Through platform standardization and event-driven automation, this powerful solution helps businesses increase security effectiveness, reduce risks and eliminate the hidden costs associated with operating non-integrated security, facilities and business systems.

Picture Picture Perfect™ v4 from GE is an enterprise-class security management platform that integrates access control, alarm monitoring, photo ID credentialing, and data management. Proven and trusted by security and IT professionals since 1991, Picture Perfect delivers performance advantages and cost-saving features that no other system in its class can offer.

Picture Perfect is the only security platform designed for IBM AIX and Red Hat Linux server platforms. This enhances its inherent power and performance with proven reliability and a lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to Windows server-based alternatives.

Picture Perfect features a Web-deployable Java thin client that cuts support costs and is completely compatible with your existing IT infrastructure, including Windows desktops. Meanwhile, its non-proprietary ODBC-compliant database and open XML-based programming interface facilitates enterprise-wide data sharing, and supports unlimited opportunities for integration with other back-office and mission critical applications.

Thanks to its UNIX-based architecture, Picture Perfect is reliable, stable, and less vulnerable to virus attacks than a Windows-based system. Powerful enough to support more than 10,000 doors worldwide, Picture Perfect can sustain millions of badge transactions and operate for years without interruption. This, along with its usability and scalability, makes Picture Perfect the access control system of choice of Fortune 100 companies.

Commander Facility Commander v2 provides command and control of video, access control, intercom, and intrusion devices from a single intuitive console, primarily for Picture Perfect, GE's UNIX-based security management system. It integrates several GE Security products, as well as supports other manufacturer's video and intercom systems.

Facility Commander's integrated user interface reduces training time and costs, and helps security operators respond more efficiently to serious security incidents. The automatic display of video during alarm conditions gives operators the information they need to make quick decisions.
With an open architecture based on industry standards, Facility Commander runs on commercial, off-the-shelf operating systems including Windows, Linux and AIX. It supports popular databases such as SQL, Informix, DB2, and Oracle.

Visitor Visitor Central, developed by GE, is a powerful visitor management system that offers a scalable, easy-to-use solution for identifying, authenticating and logging visitors. Its intuitive interface and automated features allow for quick and accurate visitor registration, while its integrated photo badging capability ensures every guest is properly accredited for access in and around your facility.