Protección Perimteral por Southwest Microwave





INTREPID™ MicroWave 330 is an integrated volumetric perimeterdetection system for open areas, gates, entryways, wall and rooftop applications. Based on Southwest Microwave's field-proven microwave detection technology, it provides volumetric detection of human intruders with minimal environmental nuisance alarms. Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) allows continuous monitoring of intrusion alarm and tamper switch status, received signal strength and detection parameters.


310B- 33456

Model 310B-33456 offers reliable intrusion detection inthe presence of flammable, combustible or easily ignitable materials. The sensor is specifically designed to operate at oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, petroleum or chemical storage facilities and other sites where hazardous materials are handled, processed or stored.

Each 310B-33456 transmitter and receiver is packaged in a weatherproof, explosionproof enclosure with front access to controls and test points.



Model 320SL is a dual (stacked) perimeter microwave intrusion detection system designed for protection of high risk assets. The lower link, typically mounted between 12 and 18 in (300 to 460 mm) above grade, is a Southwest Microwave Model 310B. This link operates at K-band frequency (24.125 GHz) to provide a very narrow detection pattern that has been optimized to detect a slow prone crawling intruder (30 cm standard metal sphere radar target). The upper link, mounted between 30 and 40 in (0.7 to 1 m) above grade, is a Southwest Microwave Model 300B. Operating at X-band frequency (10.525 GHz), this link provides a medium-width detection pattern designed to detect a walking, running, or jumping intruder.

To detect bridging attempts, additional links may be stacked to increase overall detection zone height. When it is advantageous to utilize additional 300B or 310B links or transceivers, a single twisted pair of wires may be connected between the transmitters of the links allowing them to be slaved together or connected to Model SMC10 Syncplexer for full synchronization. Any transmitter may be selected as the master with the other slaved to it, or both links synchronized from the crystal controlled SMC10 Syncplexer. Full synchronization prevents mutual interference between two or more X-band or K-band links or transceivers.



Because Model 310B operates at K-band frequency (24.125 GHz), it achieves performance not possible with ordinary X-band microwave links (which operate at 10.5 GHz). Antenna beamwidth is approximately 3.5 degrees in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This means that model 310B will operate at very long ranges and within very narrow corridors.

Each Model 310B Transmitter and Receiver are packaged in weatherproof housings which are only 10.6 inches (269 mm) in diameter and weigh only 4.5 pounds (2.0 kg). Comparable X-band systems require housings which are 24 inches (609 mm) in diameter and weigh 35 pounds (15.9 kg). This small size provides optimum resistance to wind-loading and obvious advantages for installation and shipping.

Infrarojo (PhotoBeam)



Model 415 Passive Infrared (PIR) Intrusion Sensor is an advanced stand-alone sensor specifically designed for outdoor intrusion detection applications. Two curtain-shaped sensing patterns detect intruders by sensing the temperature (heat radiation) difference between the background scene and that of the intruder.

Through the use of the latest detector and signal processing technology, Model 415 is able to operate in almost any environment. Double optical filtering, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Signal Shape Analysis (SSA), and Adaptive Threshold Decoding (ATD) ensure reliable operation under changing environmental conditions. Nuisance alarms from rain, snow, wind, and fog are virtually eliminated.



Model 455B is a cost-effective, flexible outdoor active infrared detectionsensor designed for short range applications. This solidly-constructed unit consists of a transmitter, which is the source of invisible pulsed active infrared emissions, and a receiver, which receives the beam signals, analyzes them, and detects walking or climbing intruders passing between the two columns.

Equipped with four infrared beams, the Model 455B creates an undetectable protection zone of up to 50 m (165 ft), and cannot be covered, masked or blocked without causing an alarm. Multiple beam paths must be interrupted simultaneously for an alarm to be generated, reducing nuisance alarms caused by small animals, birds or blowing debris.



Model 460B is a long-range high performance, outdoor active infrared sensor for detection of walking, running and crawling intruders. The Model 460B consists of two 2 m (6.7 ft) columns – a transmitter unit, which is the source of invisible, active infrared emissions, and a receiver unit, which receives the signals, analyzes them, and detects intruders passing between the two units. Equipped with six high power infrared transmission beams, the Model 460B creates an undetectable protection zone of up to 100 m (328 ft).

The Model 460B cannot be covered, masked or blocked without causing an alarm, as multiple beams in each column are multiplexed uniquely between transmitter and receiver. Beam frequency channel sellection allows multiple beams in a single column to operate without interference.

 Cable Sensor



MICRONET™ combines patented Southwest Microwave technology with microprocessor power and laptop computer
convenience. It is a sophisticated perimeter security system which provides precise location of alarms.

MICRONET is based on MicroPoint™ cable technology which detects any fence disturbance and locates it to within 10 feet. Precise location allows proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence while ignoring distributed noise from wind, rain or heavy vehicles. Reliable detection is assured.

MICRONET also transmits alarm signals and operating power to all MICRONET modules and auxiliary sensors along the perimeter eliminating the need for extra wiring. MICRONET software interfaces directly with a personal
computer (PC) so that your computer becomes the installation test set, graphic map, and alarm monitoring display. Installed cost is very low!

Best of all, MICRONET was designed by Southwest Microwave, and it is backed by our 30 years experience with exterior security systems around the world.



INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ II is the new-generation version of Southwest Microwave's field-proven perimeter fence detection system for applications where the detection of cut or climb attempts is required. A newly enhanced FSK communications system increases the range for system communication across the sensor cables.

MicroPoint™ II is the industry's highest performing fence sensor, using proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 3 meters (10 ft) while ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic. The system's superior signal-to-noise ratio, bandwidth and dynamic range produce superior probability of detection and a very low false / nuisance alarm rate (FAR/NAR).



INTREPID™ MicroTrack™ II is the new-generation of SouthwestMicrowave's field-proven buried cable intrusion detection system for applications where covert perimeter protection is essential. It is a volumetric, terrain-following sensor that reliably detects and precisely locates walking, running or crawling intruders along a facility's perimeter.

MicroTrack™ II incorporates enhanced digital signal processing for even higher detection performance in challenging site conditions. With a coverage range of 400 meters (1312 ft) per processor, the system consists of a MicroTrack™ II processor unit and two sensor cable pairs that may be buried along a facility's perimeter in soil, asphalt or concrete. A detection field is created around the sensor cable pair, enabling the detection of intrusions.

Doble Tecnologia



MS15 and MS16 Dual Technology Motion Sensors offer the unique combinationof Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared technology to provide volumetric protection for a variety of exterior applications. With a 15 m x 12 m (50 ft x 40 ft) detection pattern, MS15 and MS16 sensors are designed for reliable detection of upright/walking and running targets. The MS16 High Security Motion Sensor offers enhanced detection capability for prone (crawling) targets.

MS15 and MS16 Motion Sensors are configured for "And Gate" operation; both technology elements must activate simultaneously for the sensor to alarm. The microwave portion must detect motion of an intruder, while the passive infrared portion must detect infrared radiation emitted by an intruder. When both technologies activate at once, the sensor initiates an alarm condition.




Intrepid Map-Monitor

INTREPID™ Map Monitor is a Windows based securitymonitoring and control software that operates with INTREPID perimeter security systems. When used with the INTREPID MicroPoint Cable system it displays the exact location of intrusion alarms to within 3 meters (10 ft) on the map and provides the operator a text message with distance to user defined reference points.

Optimized for perimeter and/or central security control room applications. The ease of use and integration provide a total perimeter intrusion detection system. INTREPID Map Monitor provides a sophisticated, yet easy to use graphical user interface managing all functionality related to intrusion detection alarms, events, and devices.




A universal INTREPID™ System Controller conveniently and reliably manages all of the new-generation INTREPID™ perimeter detection devices – the INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ II Fence Detection System, the MicroTrack™ II Buried Cable System and the MicroWave 330 Digital Microwave Link. The System Controller also incorporates and operates contact-closure auxiliary security devices and facilitates interface to CCTV equipment or other system outputs.

The INTREPID™ System Controller facilitates the assignment of alarm inputs to specific perimeter segments - or zones - of the desired length. For added flexibility, multiple sensor technologies can be assigned to a single zone. Zones may be associated with specific outputs - such as camera presets - so that when the perimeter is breached, precise visual assessment is achieved.

Four INTREPID™ control module options offer scalable, 'plug-and-play' security management solutions to suit sites of any size or configuration, with features ranging from local relay control to multi-language graphic mapping tools, centralized local or remote site management and highlevel CCTV interface.

System controllers seamlessly network all devices via a common, open architecture communications protocol - the INTREPID™ Polling Protocol II - using standard RS422 serial data interface. Network connections may be made via copper wire, fiber optic cable or wireless TCP/IP method.

An SDK is available to third party developers for high level interface of new generation INTREPID™ sensors into custom control applications using the INTREPID™ Polling Protocol II..